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Results posted to a variety of web results sites

GSRS makes it easy for runners to find your race results. We post results from all of our races online on our own website, as well as at and We can post to a number of other sites if you have special requests. If internet access is available, results will be posted before our staff leave the site. We will also be happy to share the results with race personnel, media outlets, race photographers, or any other persons or agencies that you may request. If you want to have a link on your website to your race results, we recommend linking directly to the results on our website, as we enhance those results with links to multiple race result sites, race photos, news stories, and your race's website and social media accounts. You can find the link to your race results at the bottom of your race's web page when you are logged in to the site under your race director account. Feel free to publicize it on your website before and/or after the event.